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Energy Healing With Shannon

Meet Shannon Major

​Hi there!


My name is Shannon and I am an Intuitive Coach and healer as well as a herbal business owner. I help individuals step into, rediscover and connect better with themselves as well as their spiritual team.

For such a long time I struggled with finding my place in the world. Having intuitive abilities my whole life I always felt like the outsider looking in.


From such a young age, I have always been able to communicate with past loved ones and have always felt connected to nature and the great outdoors. I have always been that friend that has always thought outside of the box and wondered about the universe and all things "woo woo".


Through no fault of our own and going through the wheel of life, we all carry things like out dated beliefs and ways of thinking that keep us from being in tune to our true self and who we really are. 


Over time I have learned to release the social conditioning of life and step fully into who I am and embrace my purpose. Since rediscovering myself and my true purpose I embrace my gifts and abilities to help clients to step into their power and the energies within them. It brings me such joy to see clients with a sense of empowerment and have the light rekindle in their eyes that they thought was once lost.


Seeing clients step into their true self and transform their life and goals with a peaceful clarity to one of their choosing is truly rewarding. 


If you are looking to rediscover and reconnect with who you are and your purpose and goals, I would love to work with you!!

Meet Amelia

What is integrated Energy?

Integrated Energy Alignment is where we bring your physical and energetic systems into alignment so that you can be aligned to your highest and best self. It is based on the principals from Polarity Therapy as well as other energetic modalities. 


Each session is uniquely channeled and designed for you and where you are in that particular moment in your life. A session will help you to gain more clarity and purpose on your goals and life path as well as relieving any stress and strain.


In a session we will work to clear and align your chakra system as well as your auric field to bring you into a state of alignment and balance. We will also clear away any stagnant energy and blocks that may be holding you back from your true self and purpose. During this session you will also receive guidance from your spiritual team to help guide you along your way.

Why Naturopathy

Why Integrated Energy?

It can help with

Description of how an Energy Session can help

Well Being

Allows you to have more joy, vibrancy and an overall positive outlook and a you got this attitude!

Release Negativity

Releasing any and all negativity so that you can go through your day and life with joy, ease and a hopeful outlook.


Allows you to tap into the wealth of abundance that is waiting for you and wanting to help you.


Overall Sense of Purpose and Clarity

Allows you to have a more confident sense of self and know what direction you are needing to go in as well as gaining the clarity needed to carry out your purposeful plans to grab any and all opportunities that come your way and know that you have made the right decision for you.


Release any blocks that may be holding you back from stepping into who you are meant to be and regaining a state of positive flow.


Releasing any stress, strain, overwhelm as well as any anxiety to help you regain your calm center and leaving you grounded and refreshed.


“Shannon was so insightful. She truly spoke to my spirit from my own.She connected deeply with who I am before I even arrived. I wasn't sure what to expect and yet it was nothing I could have imagined.She gave me a lovely reading and guided meditation. I truly felt more aligned after the session and in balance after everything."

— Christina H



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