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Cleanse yourself and your space with this sage and lavender smudge stick.


The sage cleanses you and your space while the lavender aides in bringing in  not only a wonderful aroma but also a peaceful energy and a sense of calm.


These bundles are sun-dried and hand-tied with a cotton string.


Allow this sage and lavender bundle to cleanse and transform your space's energy to bring in a harmonious energy and a lighter feeling.


Sage and Lavender Smudge stick

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  • 1. You can burn the bundle as a whole or dismatle it and store it to burn individual pieces.

    2. Set your intentions for your space's clearing.

    3. Light your bundle or individual pieces ( in an abalone shell or similiar fire/flame resistant container)

    4. Once lit waft smoke around yourself and home to release yourself and space of any heavy or unwanted energy.

    5. When complete, completely put out any burning embers and thank your space for allowing you to release any heavy energies.

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