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Full 'Blue Moon' Supermoon In Pisces

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The 'Blue Moon' Supermoon happens on August 30, 2023

With this full moon it is a great opportunity to get clarity about what you want and let go of what no longer serves you. In addition to being catalysts for many aha moments, full moons are also good at bringing up big emotions.

Full 'Blue Moon' Supermoon in Pisces
Full 'Blue Moon' Supermoon in Pisces

On August 30th the full 'blue moon' will peak at 9:36pm ET and will be in the zodiac of Pisces and will be the closest and the biggest full supermoon of 2023.

What will the Supermoon mean for you?

While new moons signify the beginning of a cycle and push you into the new and the unknown full moons allow you to release anything that no longer serves you and release old patterns. This full moon could be the inspiration you need to let go of what's draining your energy and allow it to leave you with more room to be in your power and experience more joy.

This supermoon builds upon the energy of the August 1st supermoon by reminding you that even though things may have been harsh you are now understanding how you feel and how you can continue to let go with peace. During this time you may gain needed insight into your emotions and what you may need to do to move forward to be your most authentic self.

This Full moon falls in the zodiac of Pisces which is a sign that embodies empathy, intuition and spirituality. It grants you the empathy you need to find acceptance with whatever you have let go of since the beginning of the month. It is a time of increased emotional energy making it an ideal time for healing, meditation as well as any spiritual practices.

Full moons are notorious for bringing up BIG emotions. They can be know for giving energetic shocks to your system as well as being catalysts for challenging situations. This blue moon is a chance to connect to your feelings, spread kindness and overall make the world a bit brighter. The blue moon is like a magical mirror which reflects the dreams that you hold in your heart.

Some Overall Themes for this Blue Moon

  • Abundance

  • Second Chances

  • Knowledge

  • Spirit Communication

  • Divination

Crystals for the Blue Moon

  • Clear Quartz - helps to amplify the energy

  • Moonstone - helps with connecting with the divine feminine

  • Aquamarine - helps with communication

  • Tigers Eye - protection

  • Lapis Lazuli - wisdom

Some things you could do :

  • During your rituals or within your sacred space incorporate the color blue (cloth, candles, etc.) although using the color blue is not necessary you can use anything that resonates with you.

  • Take a stroll in the moonlight. Let the magic of the moonlight fill every cell of your body.

  • Seek knowledge and wisdom. Whether you want to learn something new, take a class, or learn from an elder. You are never too old or too young to learn something new!

  • Take a magical Bath. This is a time where you can be left alone to focus on your own thoughts, intentions and even some breath work.

  • Pull some cards and/or some runes for yourself. This is a wonderful tool to help you get answers to a particular question you may have in mind.

Whether you have your own ritual or are with a community create a sacred space, set your intention, seek knowledge and wisdom and have absolute fun with it!!

Have Fun and Enjoy the Full 'Blue Moon' Super moon!!!

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