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Ego vs Intuition

What is the difference between your ego and your intuition and how can you tell the difference

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Ego vs Intuition

For anyone who may be working on their intuition and you are finding yourself in a constant battle with your mind....

No worries! Believe it or not, EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE at one time or another and even from time to time has a battle with their ego and intuition.

Think of it as a tug of war.

On one side you have your ego. This side is wanting to keep you safe and in your comfort zone.

On the other side you have your intuition. This side is all about wanting you to explore and get you OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

So let's dive in and take a look at each and what the difference is between Ego vs Intuition.


Your ego's main objective is to keep you alive and safe as well as keep you from making any decisions or taking any risks that may end badly or have a negative outcome.

The ego LOVES to keep you in a place of comfort. It wants you to stay small, confined and constricted because change is a bad word to the EGO. It likes to stay in familiar territory and will often get in the way of you standing and speaking up for yourself, trying something new, or getting out of your comfort zone all together just to name a few.

The Ego can be a brutal inner critic that puts you down and can make you feel horrible about yourself.

Examples of the Ego

"Don't you dare ask for that, you don't deserve it"

"You can't do that, Let someone else who's better do it"

"Just be like everyone else"

"Who do you think you are"

"The Ego is an expert at deception." – Bert McCoy


Your intuition is aligned with Source, Spirit and your Higher Self. It is a method of communication that is used by them to communicate needed messages to you. Any and all information that you receive through your intuition is about EXPANSION. Intuition will always speak to you in a positive, uplifting and loving manner.

Intuition's main objective is to help you thrive and absolutely crush it! It will send you specific guidance so that you can take aligned action towards your goals and dreams.

Even though these actions may be a bit scary they get you outside of your comfort zone. Intuition will always ENCOURAGE you to take this route.

Examples of Intuition

Have you ever been guided to a podcast, book, or class that turned out to contain important information that you needed?

Sent an email to a mentor asking for advice but not sure if you should?

Get a gut feeling about someone that you have meet for the first time? And those gut feelings turned out to be true!

Ego vs Intuition

Ego will always speak from a place of confusion and distraction. It LOVES to focus on the small things. By keeping you focused on the small things it is preventing you from opening yourself up to greater opportunities and visibility as well as keeping you from the possibility of rejection.

Intuition will always encourage you and give you confidence along with clarity. Know that messages or feelings that are coming from your intuition will help to inspire you forward on your journey. With that being said, your intuition may not always give you pleasant information that you want to hear.

Sometimes it may make you feel uneasy or even see a red flag with something. If this is the case, then its trying to tell you that whatever it is, is not in alignment with you or for your highest good.


  • Throw out the need for approval

  • Seek out praise FOR OTHERS

  • Spend time alone in nature


  • Question WHY you do WHAT you do


  • Practice Mindfulness

  • Meditate and Journal

  • Ask your Intuition a Question and trust your gut instinct

  • Anything that gets you out of your own head- Coloring, a new hobby, etc

  • Scan your body mentally daily. ( If you need a deeper explaination please DM me)

  • Spend Time Outside



Know that both your ego and your intuition have vital roles in your life. One to help keep you safe and in your comfort zone while the other nudges and helps to encourage you to try new things and explore your life and the things around you.

Are you wanting to connect better with your intuition and help curb your monkey mind?

Let's chat!

I would love to hear your thoughts on both Ego as well as Intuition.

Comment and let me know your thoughts!

Until Next Time!


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